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Η Βουλή – Μοντέλο Βουλής των Ελλήνων

In short, the earlier the better. The best politicians are always campaigning (if only in their own heads), by building relationships, figuring out their future campaign stance based on what they hear, and so on. However, if we are talking about your upcoming election then we will want to start assembling your team and figuring out your campaign strategy as early as is allowable. 

All of your campaign elements like donations, number of campaign team members, voters contacted, etc, will benefit from having a longer lead time.
Action tip: Set a countdown clock to election day that reminds you of how long you have left to convince your electorate.

Before any strategy is put to paper it is worthwhile really considering the political landscape that the election will be fought in. 

  • Is it a time of reactionary politics where liberal ideas will not be well received? 
  • Are the demographics of the area changing, bringing in a more urban or progressive cohort that might resist conservative ideas? 
  • Is there a particular hot-button topic like immigration that is dominating the political discourse? 
  • Are you an incumbent politician who is tainted by something that has happened or had to happen during your administration? 
  • Will you need to go on the offensive against your competitors for this reason, or will you be fighting a defensive campaign?

If you can understand what voters generally think and you understand the way in which media narratives dictate or undermine what voters think then you have a much better base from which to develop your strategy.

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